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Smoke-Free Community Assessment Tool

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Michigan, and exposure to secondhand smoke is the second leading cause of death. Nearly 15,000 Michigan residents die from smoking-related illnesses each year, and almost 2,500 Michigan residents die from illnesses related to exposure to secondhand smoke. About 19% of Michigan residents are current smokers and nearly 70% want to quit smoking.

But there’s hope. We can create smoke-free communities and assist residents in finding services to help them quit smoking! Research indicates the implementation of smoke-free policies at schools, outdoor venues, and other public places can prevent youth from starting to smoke and motivate smokers to quit.

The Smoke-Free Communities Assessment Tool (SFCAT) was designed to help communities increase smoke-free environments – in outdoor environments, college campuses and other public places. The SFCAT also includes a section on identifying available local tobacco use and dependence treatment services.

For more information, see the About the SFCAT section. If you represent a Michigan community and want to improve your community’s health, start by registering - it takes less than 5 minutes.


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