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Holmes Foundation Academy
Flint City School District
Genesee County
6602 Oxley Drive
Flint, Michigan  48504-1674

Enrollment:   177
Public School

Success Story Contact:
Cheryl Adkins Adkins
Phone: 810-760-1620
Email: cadkins@flintschools.org

Success Story Information:

When Accomplished: Not available at the time of success story submission
  • Building level
Duration: 1 to 3 months
  • Materials/supplies
  • $1,001 - $2,500
Factors for Success:
  • Coordinated School Health Team
  • Completing an assessment (such as Healthy School Action Tool Assessment, School Health Index, Changing the Scene)
  • Administrative support
  • Other team/committee (other than a Coordinated School Health Team)
  • Funding


The asthma mini grants allowed our Coordinated School Health Plan team to systematically assess what our greatest needs were and develop an action plan on how best to address those needs. As a pilot, we were able to provide staff, students, and parents greater awareness and education about asthma issues - - including the effects of second hand smoke, which many parents were not aware of.

We learned that while our School District has a Health Services Department that deals with a variety of health related issues and emergencies (including asthma) and it does provide direction, help and protocol for how to deal with all kinds of medical emergencies, our District level School Board Policy does not mention asthma specifically. Since asthma can be a life/death situation and there are many triggers to asthma that can be avoided, it was important that greater awareness be brought to the whole district via an improved policy. As a result of our asthma pilot project we will be making a presentation to our school board recommending that asthma be specifically elaborated on in our District Board Policy.
Other Relevant School Information

Our Coordinated School Health Team/Committee has the following active members: School Administration (Principal, Assistant Principal, Superintendent);Nutrition Services (Food Service Director or Manager);Physical Education (PE teacher);Health Education (Health teacher, educator or school health coordinator);Classroom teacher (not PE or Health);Health Services Provider or School Nurse;School Counselor, Psychologist or Social Worker;Family Involvement (Parent/Guardian)

Our Team/Committee met 4 or more times during the past 12 months.

Assessments* Completed: Healthy School Action Tools (HSAT)*

This Success Story was submitted on 5/30/2008

*Since 2004, The Healthy School Action Tool Assessment is Michigan's preferred assessment tool that is a combination of the School Health Index and Changing the Scene.

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